From Half-Eaten Sandwiches to Pet Squirrels: Mechanics Share Their Wildest Discoveries on the Job

Dear Mike,

I’ve always wondered about some of the crazy things mechanics find during their work. Have you ever come across something truly bizarre? I can only imagine the stories you must have. Is it mostly lost items or are there some more unexpected discoveries?

Thanks for sharing your insights with us.

Best regards,


Dear Jada,

Thanks for writing in and asking about some of the crazy things we’ve found while working on vehicles. I’m happy to say that we’ve come across some pretty bizarre stuff in our time here at Urban Automotive.

One time, we had a customer come in complaining of a strange smell in their car. After a thorough investigation, we found a half-eaten sandwich wedged under the front seat. It had been there for who knows how long, and needless to say, it was a pretty gross discovery.

But that’s not even the weirdest thing we’ve found. Another time, we had a vehicle come in with a rattling noise coming from the engine. After opening it up, we found a squirrel’s stash of acorns, carefully stored away inside. It was a real-life case of a squirrel trying to winterize their home in a car engine!

And then there was the time we found a live snake inside a car. It had slithered up through the engine compartment and into the passenger cabin. Needless to say, our technicians weren’t too thrilled about reaching inside to remove it. But we got the job done!

Those are just a few of the weirder things we’ve found, but there are plenty more where that came from. And while it can be fun to reminisce about some of the crazier discoveries we’ve made, we don’t want to have to find anything like that in your vehicle.

That’s why we always recommend regular maintenance and inspections. By bringing your car in for routine check-ups, we can catch any potential issues before they turn into bigger problems. And who knows – we might even find something interesting while we’re at it!

Thanks for writing in, Jada. We’re always here to answer your questions and share our stories.

Best regards,

Mike Urban
Founder, Urban Automotive