Headlight Restoration: The Affordable Way to Improve Your Car’s Safety and Appearance

Dear Mike,

I recently noticed that the headlights on my car are looking pretty foggy and hazy. I’ve heard that headlamp restoration is important, but I’m not sure why. Can you give me some advice on why it’s so important and what the benefits are?



Hey there Randy,

Thanks for reaching out to Urban Automotive for some automotive advice. I’m glad you brought up headlight restoration because it’s often overlooked but can have a big impact on both the appearance and safety of your vehicle.

Now, you mentioned that your headlights are looking foggy and hazy. That’s a common problem with headlamp assemblies. Over time, the covers on your headlights tend to age rapidly. Before you know it, your headlights will be covered in a fuzzy layer of yellowish oxidation, which not only looks ugly but also dim the brightness of your headlights.

This is where headlight restoration comes in handy. You can either replace your headlamp assemblies with brand new headlights, which can cost you anywhere between $400 to $2,500, or you can opt for headlight restoration, which is a much less expensive option that can save you on average 85% off the cost of replacement headlights.

Now, you might be tempted to try some of those DIY methods that you see on YouTube, like toothpaste or insect repellent, but I’m here to tell you that they won’t last and could potentially damage your headlamps over time. Headlight restoration is a three-step process that involves mechanically wet-sanding the lenses to strip away all the oxidation, professionally polishing them, and then coating them with a protective sealant to ensure long-lasting results.

The outcome of headlight restoration is original clarity and a big improvement in your car’s overall appearance. But more than that, headlight restoration provides safety for you and your passengers on the road by improving the projection of your headlights. With restored headlights, you’ll once again have the ability to see and be seen on the road, especially at night or in bad weather conditions.

So, to sum it up, headlight restoration is much more than just a simple headlight cleaning; it’s a complete, long-lasting restoration that can save you a lot of money and greatly improve the safety and appearance of your vehicle. If you’re ever in need of headlight restoration services, be sure to swing by Urban Automotive for the best service in town.

Drive safe and stay sharp!

Mike Urban, Founder of Urban Automotive