Save Money and Avoid Costly Mistakes: How to Safely Change Your Car’s Wiper Blades at Home

Dear Mike,

I am a new car owner and I want to save some cash by changing my own wipers. However, I’m worried that I might end up damaging something important. What do you think? Is changing wipers something I could safely do myself or should I leave it to the professionals?

Best regards,

Dear Landon,

Changing wiper blades is a task that is not usually complicated, but if not done correctly, it can be costly. I’m glad you reached out to me, and I’ll guide you through the process of changing wiper blades safely.

But before we dive in, let’s talk about the potential costs of not taking the proper precautions. Leaving the wiper arm extended off the windshield while replacing the blade is a common mistake that can lead to the arm smashing down on the windshield. This can cause damage that could cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, as in the case of the BMW in the video link I shared with you. So, be careful!

To change your wiper blades safely, you need to follow a few steps:

Step 1: Determine Your Wiper Blade Size and Type
Before you can replace your wiper blades, you need to know what size and type of blades your vehicle takes. Your owner’s manual or a quick online search can help you determine this information.

Step 2: Remove the Old Wiper Blades
To remove the old wiper blades, lift the wiper arm away from the windshield until it stays in place. Then, press the release tab on the blade and pull it off the arm.

Step 3: Attach the New Wiper Blades
Align the new wiper blade with the arm, ensuring that the hook of the new blade is the same as the old one. Once aligned, press the blade onto the arm until you hear a clicking sound.

Remember, if you make a mistake and leave the wiper arm extended off the windshield, you may end up with a shattered windshield and a pricey repair bill. Don’t let that happen to you, Landon!

One more thing to keep in mind is that many modern vehicles have Advanced Driver Assist System Lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and park assist, to name a few. These features require cameras that are attached to the vehicle’s front windshield assembly. If your windshield breaks, the system may need to be recalibrated when it’s replaced. So, it’s essential to be careful when changing wiper blades.

I hope I’ve answered your question and provided you with some valuable insight into changing wiper blades. Remember always to be cautious and, ultimately, don’t hesitate to come to Urban Automotive, the top-rated auto repair shop in Oakville, Ontario, if you need any assistance.


Mike Urban.