Shiny new tires causing uneven wear? It may not be a defect, says expert

Dear Mike,
I recently purchased brand-new tires for my car, but have noticed that they are wearing unevenly. I am concerned that this may be a defect in the tire itself. As a car expert, I was wondering if you have any advice or recommendations on what could be causing this issue, and if there is anything I can do to fix it.
Thank you for your time and expertise!

Dear Luciana,

First off, let me start by saying congratulations on being the proud owner of a fresh pair of shiny new tires! I’ve always said that is there anything better than the smell of brand-new rubber? I don’t think so.

Now, I’m sorry to hear that you’re experiencing some issues with your new tires. Uneven wear is certainly not something to be taken lightly, especially when it could result in a blowout or reduced handling on the road. However, don’t jump to the conclusion that it is a defect in the tire just yet – it could be a symptom of a more serious problem, which brings us to our first point.

As I always say, the suspension system of a car is like the muscles and bones of your body – if one part isn’t working properly, it can cause all sorts of problems for the rest of the system. A damaged or failing suspension component, such as shocks or struts, can cause your tires to wear unevenly, as well as reduce your vehicle’s handling and stability on the road. This can be particularly problematic during inclement weather, when traction is already at a premium.

But wait, there’s more! A failing suspension component can also cause damage to your tires, and if left unaddressed could spell doom for your new tires right from the get-go. Imagine shelling out your hard-earned money on a new set of tires, only to have them prematurely wear out or fail due to an underlying issue? Talk about a bummer.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Mike, how in the world am I supposed to know if my suspension components are to blame?” Good question, Luciana. Fortunately, there’s a simple answer – take your car in for a ride control inspection by a licensed dealer or service provider. This will allow an expert to evaluate your vehicle’s suspension system, ensuring that it is operating within the manufacturer’s recommended specifications and that your car is properly aligned. They can also diagnose any issues that could be causing your tires to wear unevenly, such as faulty shocks or struts.

Many service providers even offer packaged services that include an oil change with vehicle inspection, so you can kill two birds with one stone. Plus, regular inspections of your ride control system can help to catch any issues early on, potentially saving you money in the long run.

So, there you have it, Luciana. It’s important to not jump to conclusions about what could be causing your tire wear issues, and to have a licensed professional evaluate the situation. Keep an eye out for any signs of uneven wear in the meantime, and remember to stay safe out there on the road.

Keep rolling,
Mike Urban, Founder of Urban Automotive