Why You Shouldn’t Skip Your Annual Car Inspection: Insights from a Licensed Mechanic

Dear Mike,

I’m a bit skeptical about taking my car to a licensed mechanic for regular checkups. Can’t I just look up videos online and figure it out myself? I mean, how important is it really to have my car inspected by a professional? I don’t want to waste my time or money.


Hey there Jovian,

Thanks for writing in, and I hope this email finds you well. It sounds like you’ve got some reservations about taking your ride in for a check-up. I’m here to tell you that you should absolutely have your vehicle inspected by a licensed technician at least once a year.

Now, I understand that a quick Google search can yield some pretty good tips on basic maintenance, but trust me when I say that there are things that even the best YouTube mechanic won’t be able to spot. Licensed technicians are trained to look for problems that may go unnoticed by an untrained individual. These issues can go beyond just routine oil changes and tire rotations. We’re talking about essential safety checks, like identifying structural damage, worn-out brakes, or problems with your electrical system.

And let’s not forget about the perks of bringing your car in to a licensed service provider or dealership. For one, we’ve got access to manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedules, technical service bulletins, and potential recalls that might apply to your vehicle. Additionally, we’ve got technology that can give our team full reviews of everything happening in your vehicle, like service messages and brake codes.

Now, let’s talk about time and money. Sure, quick lube shops are a dime a dozen and don’t require appointments, but that convenience doesn’t come at no cost. Quick lube shops don’t have licensed technicians on staff and may even employ individuals just starting in the trade. Dealerships and licensed service providers demand a higher rate of pay for their technicians, but trust me— that extra cost is worth it when it comes to quality service.

I know it’s tough to justify spending money on something that may seem like an inconvenience, but I’m here to remind you that bringing your ride in for a check-up can be the difference between a carefree road trip and a dangerous car accident.

So, Jovian, my advice to you is this: don’t skip out on your check-ups just because it’s more convenient or cheaper. Instead, prioritize your safety and the safety of those around you. Make an appointment with a licensed service provider or dealership, and let the pros give you peace of mind.

Drive safe, my friend.

Best regards,

Mike Urban

Founder of Urban Automotive